TAP 留学中の学生による特派員レポート


Discovery in My First Week

山田 真由 (情報工学部 知能情報工学科  ECU South West (Bunbury Campus))

Hello! This time, I’m going to write about my first week in Bunbury. I’ll write about Australian supermarkets, quiz night, and billiards. Firstly, I went to a supermarket a few times in that week. At first, I was really surprised because it was so huge. For example, we could find so many kinds of apples, potatoes, meats, and so on. It was amazing and exciting. Also, the packages were big, too. For instance, I bought chicken breast, but the smallest package was 1.6kg. It was different from Japanese style!

Let’s move on to the “Quiz night”. It was an event for us and our buddies to know each other’s country. I ate so many Australian snacks, and some of them were yummy. Some questions were a little bit difficult even though they were about Japan, so I really enjoyed it. Finally, our team got first prize, we were really happy about that. And next day we tried “Vegemite”. For me, I can eat it if someone gives it to me, but I don’t want to eat or buy it for myself. It tasted salty, little bit bitter, and it was like traditional Chinese medicine.

On Friday, I played billiards. In Australia, they say “pool”. It was the first time for me, and it was difficult. I want to practice more and be a good player. One of my friends is a good player, and he said, “Do not grip the stick, just hold in lightly”. I tried to do that, but the more I wanted to hit the center, the stronger I gripped. Finally, I could pocket two balls, but I have to practice more and more.

My first week in Bunbury was really amazing. See you next time!