TAP 留学中の学生による特派員レポート


Advice for people who are going to study abroad around Perth

山田 真由 (情報工学部 知能情報工学科  ECU South West (Bunbury Campus))

Hi there! Today, I’m going to give some advice about your luggage. Firstly, I’ll talk about items which I’m really glad to bring with me, and then, I’m going to mention items which I wish I had brought with me.

To start with, I have three convenient items to introduce to you. The first one is “Japanese soup stock”. I brought flying fish soup stock (ago-dashi), and it works to make my poor dish amazing. I use it for my soup, pasta, miso-soup, pot-au-feu (like French “oden”). I was surprised that it works for not only Japanese dishes, but also western meat dishes! Second one is a “clear file folder”. I was surprised that we still use papers for classes, here. In Japan, we have PDF, and we annotate by computers, or iPads, but here, I have so many papers. So, I strongly recommend this. The last one is laundry things, for instance, nets, small hand lines, hangers, and so on. I brought these, but you can select which are not for you. For me, I don’t do laundry so often because it costs two dollars, so it is necessary for me to hanging items.

Let’s move on to items which I wish I had brought with me, and I have three things to tell you. Firstly, I regret that I didn’t bring “deodorizing spray for clothes”. I couldn’t find the kind of spray, also even if I find the kind, I’m sure the smell is too strong for us. I bought hair masks here, and I love its smell, but the smell was too strong, so I was really surprised. If I use it in Japan, I’m convinced that it will “Kohgai (upset others with one’s odour)”. In addition, “skin water” is necessary, too. I didn’t use it in Japan, so I didn’t bring any, but here, it is so dry, so my facial skin is a little bit dry without lotion. But lotion here is oily more than I expected. Moreover, I recommend you bring underwear more than seven sets. I brought them five sets, but it’s not enough. I have to do laundry whenever my underwear is running out. I tried to wash by hand, but we couldn’t use hot water in the laundry space, so it was hard for me. I was freezing!!

In this way, I listed the things you need in Australia. I hope this will work for your future studying abroad experiences. In addition, I have attached the summarised list. See you next time!!

  • Japanese soup stock
  • clear file folder
  • laundry accessories
  • Under wear (more than 7)
  • skin water
  • deodorizing spray for clothes


About the skin water, I could find some in Australia, thank for TCU International Office which advised me after I submitted this report. I can see lots of cleansing water or oil, however I found only two in Coles (super market) and Wizards(pharmacy). (Probably, Perth is different from Bunbury.) One is “sukin”, and the other is “Simple”. Sukin is good at closing our pores and curing pimples, however, it will be dry so soon. Simple is similar to Japanese ordinally skin waters. I recommend you to find “toner” in shops.
















  • 顆粒だし
  • クリアファイル
  • 洗濯小物
  • 下着類(7セット以上)
  • 化粧水
  • リセッシュ