TAP 留学中の学生による特派員レポート


What I learned in TAP

山田 真由(情報工学部 知能情報工学科 ECU South West (Bunbury Campus) )

Hello, there. Today, I’m going to write about my achievement in this program. Firstly, I improve my conversation skill. I guess every student said the same thing, but it is so significant for me. At first, I didn’t have any confidence in my English skills. However, the people surrounding me are so kind, keep paying attention and guess finding words together. I really appreciate it. Also, they taught me their culture, their way to say something (like word choice), and the difference between our education.

The second one is a life skill. It was the first time to live without my parents. I got up, cooked my meal, did laundry, and kept clean by myself. Thanks for not so tight curriculums, I had enough time to do them all. Also, some of my roommates are good at cooking, some are bad at cooking (like me), and some are not good at keeping tidy. Also, life with different friends means, living with different rules. It is obvious, but it was the first time I lived with different rules. At first, I was annoyed sometimes, but with time passing, I forgive her and accustomed.

Thirdly, I improved my activeness. Of course, Cooperative is important, especially living in a group, but if you want to live overseas and succeed worldwide, it is important not to miss opportunities even though others look coldly. My roommates are such independent women, and they enjoyed their life. At first, I didn’t want to be disliked by someone, so I hesitate to do by myself. However, I realized that it is losing opportunities to improve my English. So, I contact Thommo’s Communities Garden and visited once a week. I learned not only gardening but also a different English accent, and kind spirit there. In the young generations and our English teachers’ English are not like” G’day, mate”, but some of the garden volunteers are that kind of accent and it is the first time to listen to an Australian accent. It was confusing to me at first, but I made effort to catch their word, so I hope my ears improved from them.

Lastly, these experiences are really precious, and I learned many things. These programs are only 3.5 months, but it was a fulfilling time for me. Also, I really enjoyed to communicated there, and I learned not only about Australia but also, about New Zealand and Ireland. Now, I am really interested in them, and I am really happy to have friends worldwide. Thank you so much.












三つ目は、積極性です。もちろん、特に集団生活において協調性は重要ですが、海外に住み世界を股に掛けて活躍したいのであれば、周りが白い目で見ても機会を逃さないことは大事だと思いました。私のルームメイトはとても自立した子たちで、嫌なことは嫌と言うし、やりたいことはやる、といったように人生を謳歌していました。初めは、誰かに嫌われたくない一心で周りに追従し、自分で何か行動を起こすことをあまりしてきませんでした。しかし、機会を逃し続けることは私の英語を鍛える場を失い続けることでもあると感じて、Thommo’s Communities Gardenと連絡を取り、週1でボランティアをしました。そこでは、ガーデニングを学ぶだけではなく、異なる英語のアクセントや、優しく寛大な精神も学びました。若い世代や英語の先生はオーストラリア英語のステレオタイプな”G’day, mate”と言った雰囲気とはかけ離れたすっきりした発音をするのですが、一部のボランティアの方はこのようなアクセントでした。コントとかでは見聞きすることはあっても、実際にこのような発音に触れたのは初めてで、最初は混乱しました。しかし、一生懸命彼らの言葉を聞き取ろうと努力するうちに、少しは聞き取れるようになれたと信じたいです。